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Business partner

Business partner
DIEFENTHAL1905 Our business partner. This is the area
where we inform you about the companies we have choosen
on the basis of their business methods and the design of
their products.
Quality as well as recourse managment and enviromental 
conservation play an essential role for us in this process.

One of the most desirable wool textiles in the world, Harris Tweed, is produced in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland; on the one island with two names, separated only by a mountain range - the islands of Lewis and Harris.
The story begins with pure virgin wools which are blended together to gain the advantages of their unique qualities and characteristics. Although the wool used to make Harris Tweed is principally taken from flocks reared on the mainland of Scotland, in the early summer the island communities join together to round up and shear the local sheep to add their locally reared wool to the mainland clip.

Harris Tweed is the most famous fabric in the world and certainly the only one protected by an Act of Parliament Only the skilled craftsmen and women of the Outer Hebrides know how to make it and, by law only they are allowed to do so. Its design and production methods provide weights, colours and infinite patterns of cloth perfectly suited to the demands of today's fashion and furnishings for both traditional and designer ranges. These skills of hand and eye that weave the strands together have been inherited over many generations and can only be found in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Text: Copyright of the Harris Tweed Authority

A felt mostly made from sheep wool.
Products made of wool felt are insulating and keep you warm. It can also store a huge amount of water (up to a fourth of its own weight) and still feel dry on the surface. It is pressure resistant so it does not crumble and wrinkle. Furthermore wool felt is not inflameable.

Established in 1866, Magee 1866 are proud to specialise in luxury menswear, personal tailoring, quality suiting, luxury womenswear and Donegal tweed

Established in 1782, Marling & Evans only uses highest quality fibres. Today they produce a  range of lambswool, camel and pure cashmere fabrics to the very highest standard.

It is these fibres that marked what standard of cloth could be woven using the very best of British craftsmen. Generations of skill and knowledge were used at every level and part of the process to achieve this range.